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Mariox Software Pvt. Ltd. is a web and mobile app development Company in Noida with a global reach. Mariox highlights a wide range of digital solutions which can take your all-size business to the next level and turn your ideas into reality. We are a focused, ideas-driven web and app development company that is here to help you grow your brand and business online! 

We build fully functional, robust, and scalable applications that withstand the test of time. Our web and app development services include technology consultation, testing, development, maintenance and support. Our client success stories include auditing and improving existing apps and modernization of legacy applications.

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Join The Future Of Development With Our Expertise

We are a rapidly growing and highly promising web and app development company in Noida. With a comprehensive range of internet technology and a process-driven approach, Mariox stands as your best technology partner. We offer expert business consultancy, a talented team of developers, quality assurance professionals, and highly trained project managers. Our brainstorming thought process, improvisation with agile scrum principles, and extensive experience in development make us a frontline custom web application development company in Noida.

Our Web & Mobile App Development Services

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Our High-End Mobile App and Web Development Service in Noida

At Mariox Software, we pride ourselves on delivering custom solutions for startups and big brands. From strategy to UI/UX design to digital prototyping, we are a mobile app and website development company in Noida with expertise in developing and designing innovative mobile and website development services for all devices. With a strong focus on emerging technologies, our skilled team is here to lead the growth of your next successful venture.

We are a top-rated website and mobile app development company in Noida. You can rely on Mariox’s talented team of developers to streamline your business processes, reach a large number audience with an online presence or just about anything on the website. 

We have always met the standards of the ever-changing challenges of the IT sector. We believe more in actions, which is why we have become the most preferred website and app development company in Noida across technologies like Laravel, PHP, Django/Python, AngularJS, CodeIgniter, and many more. 

Free Consultation

Consult with us and learn about our various services that can help your business grow and generate higher ROI. We ensure that website development services are accessible to all, and budget should never be an issue, so we offer our services at feasible prices and various payment facilities. Our professional business and project management team works around the clock to resolve all your doubts. Take a free consultation today, join us, observe changes, and see your business touch the skies.

360° Scalability

Our company emphasizes the dynamic growth of your business. Hence, web and app development services can be the right stop for all your business-related issues. They comprise mobile app development, digital marketing, QA testing, website app development, Oracle, and other compatible solutions that can work wonders for client expectations and growth.

On-Time Delivery

Understanding the importance of time, we offer assured, timely delivery. Mariox Software, being a dynamic web and app development services provider, not only confirms your scalability and flexibility but is always up to take any sort of urgency and can handle it proficiently.

Work Process

Know Our Website & Mobile App Development in Noida Process

Strategy & Discovery

Once clients contact us, we sit down with them to understand their business idea and the type of website or application they seek. After preparing a complete strategy, we start with layouts and design a prototype that best suits the website and its motive.


The complete website development process is followed by the testing process, where our developers ensure that the website is bug-free and immaculately works before it goes live.


With complete layouts, our team starts with the website development process, using prominent language and a website development platform, depending on the type of website.

Tracking Growth

Now, after the website's launch, the primary part is to track its growth. Our team keeps track of the website's success rate and ranking on SERPs, what results it generates, and what can be improved.


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Mariox provides mobile app and web development services in nodia to achieve more success within a limited span of time. We deliver the application with efficient planning, impressive designs and cost-effective results.

web & mobile app development company in Hyderabad


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Frequently Asked Questions

At mariox Software Pvt. Ltd, we offer all mobile app development services in Noida. Being a leading mobile app development company in Noida, we cater to all our client’s needs regarding multiple mobile app development services, including- android app development, iOS app development, hybrid app development, E-commerce app development, flutter app development, UI/UX designs for mobile applications, etc. Apart from mobile app development, you can check out our different web and app solutions or connect with us for a more personalized approach.


Yes, being the top mobile app and web development company in Noida, we offer dynamic web and mobile application development services. We cater to our clients requirements, assist them with the best possible solutions, features, and technologies they can acquire from us to attain excellent web and mobile app development services. We maintain transparency with our clients. Hence, not only we assist our clients throughout the development process but also keep their requirements priority. Our team is responsive to all our client’s query giving them a freedom to understand how our development process works.

Here are the technologies our services rely upon for development projects-


Backend- Nodejs, Django, .Net, Python, Ruby on Rails.


Frontend- Flutter, React Native, Swift, Kotlin, C, HTML5, JavaScript, Angular, Java, VueJS.


Database- MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Firebase.


Frameworks- SharePoint, Dynamic 365, Sales Force.


DevOps- Terraform, Jenkins, GitLab, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes, CircleCI, TravisCI.


We are among the top web and mobile app development companies in Noida, offering customized app development services in Noida and worldwide. Hence, any technology we incorporate in our app development projects is made sure to fit well with the client’s business requirements, giving the app users seamless application functionality.

At Mariox Software, we deliver quality web and mobile application development services with fierce performance. Time consumption to build any mobile application

pages, customization, and changes. However, being the most trusted web and mobile app development agency in Noida, we stick to our timelines and deliver the final piece by the deadline. We ensure the right quality, page alignment, and other factors that ensure your app’s compatibility with the users and give a glitch-free performance.


Yes, Mariox Software provides comprehensive ongoing support and maintenance services for web and mobile app development services in Noida to ensure their long-term success. We understand that the success of an app extends beyond its initial launch, and therefore, we offer dedicated support to address any issues, implement updates, and make enhancements as needed.


Yes, Mariox Software Pvt. Ltd. is a leading web and mobile app development company in Noida. We have a team of experienced application developers, who not only design, develop and deliver quality websites and applications but also offer maintenance and support services. Our multiple services also comprise e-commerce and shopping website handling.

The cost of a standard web and mobile application can vary depending on various factors such as project complexity, features required, customization level, and development time. At Mariox Software Pvt. Ltd., a leading web and mobile app development company in Noida, we offer competitive pricing for our Laravel development services in Noida, ensuring excellent value for our clients’ investment.

While it’s challenging to provide a precise estimate without understanding the specific requirements of the project, we strive to offer transparent and affordable pricing that aligns with our clients’ budgets and expectations. Our experienced team of web and mobile app developers in Noida works closely with clients to assess their needs, provide accurate cost estimates, and deliver high-quality solutions within agreed-upon budgets.

We believe in providing upfront pricing with no hidden costs, allowing clients to make informed decisions and plan their finances accordingly. With Mariox Software Pvt. Ltd., clients can expect fair and reasonable pricing for their mobile web and mobile app development projects in Noida, coupled with exceptional quality and service.

For a personalized cost estimate for your web and mobile application, we encourage you to reach out to our team for a detailed consultation and proposal tailored to your specific requirements.

Yes, Mariox Software is renowned for the best web and mobile development services in Noida. This is because we have done several effective web and mobile app development projects. You can visit our website or simply check the case studies at Mariox Software’s official website to learn about them.

As the most reliable web and app development company in Noida, we ensure excellence. Hence, we have a team of proficient content writers and experienced graphic designers who look after the website content and images or graphics. They collaborate with the development team to align the content, graphics, and website with the client’s requirements. Our team also works collaboratively with the client to ensure we follow the same track and cater to all our client’s requirements.

Yes, our team of proficient developers can integrate CMS into your website. As the top web and mobile app development company in Noida, our development experts understand how effective integrating CMS into a website can be. We incorporate a reliable and scalable CMS platform, giving them access to control over the content and management process so that our clients can utilize the best of CMS.