# About Anagha Yoga Rishikesh

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Anagha Yoga Rishikesh Success Journey

Anagha Yoga is a renowned yoga school in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India. It envisages varied yoga teacher training programs, meditation and wellness retreats. It encompasses 200-hour and 500-hour programmes taught by experienced and qualified teachers. To enhance its online presence and streamline operations through the new website and mobile app development. They partner with us, Mariox, a leading web and app development company.

Case Study Anagha Yoga Rishikesh

Our Solutions to Mobile App Development

Challenges Faced By Us

The following are a few challenges we faced while working for Anagha Yoga:

Outdated Website Structure

The client's existing website was outdated. Thus, it was pretty challenging for us to make it effective, showcase the programs and provide a seamless user experience.


Our team thoroughly analysed the existing website and prepared a complete outline for the new site, designing a modern and responsive website representing the school’s programmes and offerings. Thus, by implementing intuitive navigation and appealing design elements, Mariox addressed and resolved the challenge.

Custom Feature Implementation

Clients demanded adding features in the app, such as course schedules, syllabi, routines, inquiry submission forms, and notifications, which was quite challenging for us.


Our team meticulously designed and implemented the custom features in the app. We have taken care of user interaction, engagement and seamless functionality. Thus, by addressing it properly, we have delivered a convenient platform for communication and enhanced user engagement.


After launching its new app and website, Anagha Yoga saw immense growth in online traffic and interaction. The schools received many students registering for their courses, and they found it easier to understand the school’s courses and offerings. Mobile applications made it easier to communicate with one another, thus improving community building and education quality.

Case Study Anagha Yoga Rishikesh