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Mariox Software is a steadfast iOS application development company and a reliable partner for developing next-gen iOS applications incorporated with future-forward iOS application development services and robust built-quality. Our team of proficient developers caters to your requirements to decode the best business practices through a portable iOS platform.

Ios App Development

Why are we the Most Trusted iOS App Development Company Globally?

Over the years, Mariox Software has been successfully able to earn the title of most reliable and top iOS application development agency across the globe because of never-ending efforts to enrich our iOS application development services with security and scalable digital solutions. To ensure you receive outstanding iOS application development benefits, our team of iOS application development experts complements you with customization that resonates with your motive and business module, ultimately helping you achieve your desired goal through an easily carried iOS platform. Below are the primary concerns that have made us go from an iOS application development company to business enthusiasts and massive brands. 

Standard UI/UX Designing

Incorporating the conventional and emerging technologies in the iOS apps we design and develop.

Custom Search Features

Maintaining the quality of the project and ensuring robust performance, scalability, and app performance.

Simplified Payment Methods and Checkouts

Our professional developers with years of experience in the industry design and develop compelling, flawless, and intriguing iOS apps for your business that are compatible with all iOS platforms.

Bug-Free & Optimization for Fast Speeds

Curating every code for the app that could resonate with our client's audience's expectations and requirements

Integration for Updates & Alerts

We ensure that the apps we deliver leave a lasting impression on iOS app users and give them a great experience.

Top Services

Enhance Your Digital Potential with Our iOS App Development Services

iOS application development consultation

iOS application that resonates with your business and complements it with immersive designs. Our iOS professionals help you decide if getting an iOS-based application can be a good fit for your business, and if yes, what could be pivotal that could help your business an assured success.

iOS UI/UX Design

Compelling interfaces that reflect your services and make your iOS application presentable to users, our iOS designers excel in iOS application designing and ensure that any application they design leaves an everlasting impression on the app users. They give your application the standard and users the expected environment of iOS software.

Custom iOS Application Development

You get to flourish your business with services that we exclusively tailor to match your requirements. As a top iOS development company, our professional developers leave no stone unturned to make sure that our customized iOS applications carry scalable and future-forward iOS solutions.

iOS Software Testing

As our clients have invested their trust in us, our developers ensure a structure to keep performance and security as our major concerns.

Enterprise iOS Apps

Enterprise iOS applications are mobile applications that are specifically developed for sizable organisations that utilise iOS devices.

VOIP Calling Apps

VoIP calling apps allow users to make cheap and convenient internet voice and video calls.
Why Choose Us

iOS Application Development Services that Caters for Your Business Needs:

As the most trusted iOS app development agency, Mariox Software Pvt. Ltd. assures timely delivery of all projects without any compromise on the project’s quality. Our iOS application developers incorporate the latest technology and updated tools to make your iOS applications future-prepared and feature-packed. Their advanced knowledge and fierce grip on iOS application development help them in developing robust, customized iOS applications. Ensure your users an impeccable and seamless experience with our high-performing iOS application development services.  Over the years, we have been the success partners of many global business and startup enthusiasts, constantly supporting them to foster their leads and revenue rate. Ensure your business’s indefinite growth with us and see your success numbers change with the best iOS app development company. 

Free Consultation

As a top iOS app development company, we understand the importance of giving you a clear understanding of our work and work process. Book your free consultation session with us immediately and learn how we can help you skyrocket your business through a potent Android application with seamless functionality.

360 Scalability

To ensure your business's holistic growth, learn about our other services, which are web and app development, digital marketing services, app development services, PPC marketing services, content marketing services, and designing services. Our services are the complete package for your business growth.

24/7 Support & On-Time Delivery

The importance of time can not be denied; hence, your trusted iOS app development agency ensures the timely delivery of your project. Along with this, our development team is always ready to take any sort of urgency. Our post-delivery maintenance and support services have been a saving grace to most of our clients.

Language We Primarily Rely Upon-


React JS




Objective C


Grow your Business​

That's not all; we have much more to accelerate your business growth. Leverage the modernized and digital transformation with us with the latest tacts and hacks. Explore our other services and give your business a dominant position in the market.

our process

In what ways do we deal with iOS App Development Services

Consultation and Assessment

We sit with our clients to understand their needs and business modules. Our primary concern is the reason for which they are seeking iOS application development services. The type of iOS application they want to get designed, pages required, theme, must-haves, and all leftover information that could help us design and develop a compelling Apple software-based application for our client.


Now, enacting the design into a seamless experience through our professional backend application development. Our application developers code your application, making sure there are no bugs or glitches left. We understand that user experience defines a good app, and our team works significantly on this aspect by incorporating easy CTA, trusted and quick payment gateway methods, etc.


So there are no bugs or glitches left in the application, our testing team examine the applications to measure application performance and efficiency.

Delivery and Post Service Support

Get your iOS application’s timely delivery with quality and outstanding performance. That’s not it; things are beyond this; as the most reliable iOS app development agency, we offer our clients maintenance services even after the delivery of the project where we take care of the application and are available to make any improvements or edits required, our team keeps the success track of your application and work on maintaining its efficiency.


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Most Popular Questions

You can quickly get in touch with us through our website. Call us, and our experts will connect with you to explain the complete process and help you with your queries.

We use all types of technologies applicable to develop an iOS application, for example, Swift, Flutter, React Native, Objective C#, etc.

The duration of completion of any iOS application development project completely depends on the size, customization, and type of project. However, we ensure to deliver our clients quality services in minimal expense of time.

You name it, and we do it for you. Hence, yes! We can help you upload an iOS app to the app store. In fact, we deliver all types of iOS application development services and solutions. You can connect with us through our website to know more about the same.

Yes! Our developers have expertise in providing all types of iOS application solutions. They can also help you transform your web/android applications into iOS applications.

As a leading iOS application development company, our team relies upon some models for iOS application development, which are as mentioned below- 

  1. Fixed Cost Fixed Time Model:

Predictable cost and timeline for well-defined projects with detailed requirements.

  1. Time and Material Model:

Highly flexible, it accommodates changes easily and is good for complex or evolving projects. 

  1. Hire Dedicated Team Model:

Close control over the development process, access to a dedicated team of experts, strong communication and collaboration.

  1. Offshore Development Center Model:

Potentially lower cost due to lower labour rates in certain locations and access to a larger pool of developers.

  1. On-Site Model:

Close collaboration with the development team, direct oversight of the development process, fast communication and problem-solving.

Mariox Software has been a reliable iOS app development company globally. All your information is kept confidential with us, and to ensure the same, we also sign NDAs with our clients. 

Yes, along with the application development services, we offer clients authority over the code of their application, which helps them own the code that has been specifically designed for their application.

Here’s how resources are typically allocated in iOS app development:

  1. Defining Project Scope and Requirements:

Identifying core features and functionalities: We prioritize essential features and determine which require more time and expertise.

Creating a user flow: We map out the user’s journey within the app to understand the necessary screens and functionalities.

Estimate complexity: We analyze the technical challenges involved in each feature.

  1. Resource Types and Needs:

Development: We estimate the number of developers needed based on skill sets (e.g., front-end, back-end, UI/UX) and complexity.

Design: We assess the need for UI/UX designers, graphic designers, and animators based on visual complexity and branding requirements.

Project Management: Allocate time for a project manager to oversee tasks, budgets, and communication.

Testing: Dedicate time and resources for quality assurance and bug fixing.

  1. Tools and Techniques for Allocation:

Project management software: Utilize tools like Asana or Trello to assign tasks, track progress, and manage resources.

Time estimation tools: Tools like Forecast or Plan can help estimate development time for different features.

Communication platforms: Employ Slack or Zoom to facilitate discussion and collaboration between team members.

  1. Allocation Strategies:

Feature-based: Assigning resources based on the complexity and timeline of individual features.

Team-based: Dividing developers into teams for specialized tasks or specific functionalities.

Agile approach: Incrementally developing features in sprints to adapt to changing priorities and feedback.

  1. Flexibility and Monitoring:

Be prepared to adjust: Understanding that resource allocation might need to change during development based on unexpected challenges or evolving priorities.

Tracking progress and budget: We regularly monitor resource utilization and project costs to ensure you stay within budget and timeframe.

effective resource allocation is crucial for the success of your iOS app development project. You can make informed decisions and optimise your development process by carefully defining your needs, understanding resource types, and utilizing tools and strategies.

Some of the biggest projects done by Mariox Software, the most trusted iOS app development agency, are ND, and Astro Talk.

Tools and technologies used to develop robust iOS app development services are 

Programming Languages 


-Objective C 



-iOS Native Dev Kit 


-Database SQLite 

-Core Data 




iOS 8.0-12.4.1-Support 


-Flat Design 

Yes, Our team uses certain project management tools to manage clients’ projects and keep track of their progress.

Yes, as the best iOS app development agency, we help our clients with uploading iOS applications to the app store. 

Yes! We make all types of modifications to the iOS applications that are once launched. As an iOS app development agency, we support you by all means throughout the application development process. Our post-project delivery services keep us connected to meet your needs regarding the developed iOS application. 

To start your iOS app development journey with the best iOS app development agency, you can simply book our free consultation session or email us, and our experts will connect with you.