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OneStar Nutrition stands out in the health supplements se­ctor. They consistently offer great products to their customers. Their mission is all about promoting well-being. This trusted company compete­s in a market where its broad spectrum of supplements me­ets various health and exercise requirements. However, they lack their online presence and visibility; therefore, they collaborated with Mariox to enhance their visibility in the digital world. 

Case Study One Star Nutrition

Our Solutions to Mobile App Development

Challenges Faced By Us

The following are a few challenges we faced while working for OneStar Nutrition:

Challenge 1: Complex Integration of Online Payment

Integrating third-party systems for online payment, e-commerce, and user account management posed technical complexities.


To tackle the difficulty of connecting third-party systems for online payment, e-commerce, and user account administration, we carried out an in-depth investigation to determine the most appropriate and dependable APIs. These strong APIs allowed us to easily incorporate the necessary features into the website and mobile application, guaranteeing cross-platform compatibility and dependability in operating crucial functions like user account management, online payment processing, and e-commerce transactions.

Challenge 2: Develop robust e-commerce functionality

Robust e-commerce features, such as the capacity to see product information, add things to a virtual shopping cart, and complete a quick checkout procedure, must be developed with great care for user experience and technological execution. Providing a smooth and straightforward buying experience similar to in-store interactions was challenging, especially when making the checkout process as simple and secure as possible while having an eye-catching and adaptable design.


We used a user-centred design approach to solve this problem, concentrating on developing a simple interface for adding items to the basket and expediting the checkout procedure. Through customer input and usability testing, we improved the e-commerce capabilities to guarantee a smooth and practical buying experience. We prioritised responsive design concepts to optimise the interface for different devices and enhance the user experience overall. This allowed for easy navigation through product listings and the checkout process. By putting these efforts into practice, we were able to provide the customer with an e-commerce solution that satisfies their needs for an easy-to-use and comfortable online buying experience.


OneStar Nutrition and Mariox worked together to successfully establish a solid online presence that includes a feature-rich mobile application and an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly website. OneStar Nutrition improved overall brand awareness, increased sales through digital channels, and interacted with its client base more successfully thanks to the recently created digital platforms. OneStar Nutrition saw improved brand loyalty, more user engagement, and higher conversion rates due to this partnership. OneStar Nutrition’s consumers’ whole digital experience was greatly enhanced by the smooth integration of online payment systems, e-commerce capabilities, and user account management tools, which helped to establish the company as a leader in the health supplement sector.

Case Study One Star Nutrition