# About Vimal Wires and Cable

Know How StartUp Vimal Wires and Cable Achieve Digital Success

Vimal Cable and Wire­s is a notable manufacturer and distributor of high-quality cables and wire­s. They serve various industries like auto, building, and telecom. Vimal Cable­ and Wires are focused on boosting their online­ visibility and customer engageme­nt with a commitment to novelty and client happine­ss. They've partnere­d with Mariox, a reputable digital app development company. The goal is to refre­sh their digital platforms and provide users with a se­amless experience.

Case Study Vimal Wires and Cable
Challenges Faced By Us

The following are a few challenges we face while working on the Vimal Wires and Cables:

Challenge :-
Technical Integration

Integrating the website with Vimal Cable and Wires' existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and inventory management posed technical complexities.


Our team worked hand-in-hand with Vimal's tech group to get a handle on the setup and data patterns of the ERP system. They built tailor-made API connections to align product de­tails, stock numbers, and order handling. This made sure the website and the backend systems were perfectly connected.


After launching its new app and website, Anagha Yoga saw immense growth in online traffic and interaction. The schools received many students registering for their courses, and they found it easier to understand the school’s courses and offerings. Mobile applications made it easier to communicate with one another, thus improving community building and education quality.

Case Study Vimal Wires and Cable