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Cross-Platform App Development Company in Hyderabad

As a leading cross-platform mobile app development company in Hyderabad that provides top-notch services for Android and iOS using the latest technology and tools. Our eye-catching approach is to make sure that the technology solution we develop is aligned with your business requirements. That is the reason working with Mariox Software Pvt. Ltd. is your investment in building a cross-platform app that will benefit your business in the long run. Shake hands with us and share your requirements with us, and we will have a perfect cross-platform app for your needs.

Cross Platform app development

About Cross-Platform App Development Company in Hyderabad

Are you looking for the world’s best cross-platform mobile app development company in Hyderabad? Mariox Software Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best options.  The Mariox team is committed to coming up with innovative and consumer-oriented digital solutions that will take enterprises to higher levels of success. We provide customized cross-platform apps specifically designed to fit each individual client’s requirements.

We are professionals in creating streamlined digital experiences through cross-platform app development, maintaining the high standards of our work that we never compromise on.

Multi-platform Development

Developing an efficient app requires making it user-friendly regardless of platform. Our tech team comprises professionals who primarily craft Android app services for your business that perform similarly and flawlessly on every screen, whether desktop, mobile phone, or tablet.

Quality Assurance

Ensuring our client's smooth services at minimum cost does not mean we compromise on quality anywhere in the project. We are committed to delivering premium quality services. So do not worry; now the quality is affordable.

Play Store Submission

Submitting an app to the Play Store is crucial. After meeting all the Play Store requirements, we submit your Android application there, making sure that it will run smoothly in the future.

Post-launch submission

Our responsibility is not just restricted to application development and submission. We are with you in your business journey post-services as well. We give our consumers complete help even after the completion of the project.

Top Services

Our Cross-Platform App Development Services in Hyderabad

Cross-Platform App UI/UX

A team of professional UI/UX years of experinced designers comes in handy with Mariox, which has interactive and adjustable designs for maximum user engagement.

Cross-Platform App Design

Our designers are capable of taking care of difficult design issues in the process of making apps for multiple platforms while maintaining the visual attractiveness and ease of use of the user interface, which results in improved user experience.

Expert Mobile App Development Services

Mariox provides personalized designs based on the most recent mobile app technology cross-platform solutions targeting both mainstream and specialty firms.

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

Mariox has a specialized team that generates applications with platform-specific features equivalent to various platforms, creating an exceptional experience for the user.

Cross-Platform App Migration

Mariox provides seamless app transition to cross platform architectures to allow users to access the service with maximum ease and greatest accessibility.

Support and Maintenance

The team of highly skilled engineers at Mariox can offer maintenance and technical support to the apps that span across multiple platforms and guarantee high reliability and usability.

Why Choose Us?

As the best cross-platform mobile app development company in Hyderabad, Mariox Software Pvt. Ltd. conceptualizes and actualizes your brilliant ideas. Joint work with our multiplatform dev team allows you to develop a single cross-platform app that is non-operational on several platforms, paving your way to success and capital accumulation. The main creation activity of our business is the development of dynamic and multipurpose apps for different users. This is what is needed for your service or any company to reach a truly global level.

Top-notch Quality Performance

Mariox's devotion to app development across the platforms leads to unsurpassed quality, benefit, and service, which are ingeniously customized to your integrity and confidentiality. We take pride in delivering services that are first-rate; that means you will always find us as the number one location for all your needs.

Cost-effective Pricing

The team behind the project will strive to provide outstanding projects regardless of size and make highly professional mobile applications for different platforms. Our prices are flexible to clients' needs whether they are looking to start or expand their operations. At Mariox, it is critical to ensure the customer's satisfaction above all the excellent service provided.

Transparent Development Process

We emphasize the value of every cross-platform development project and tackle each of them with the determination to achieve the best results and satisfy the expectations of our users and clients. We have highly experienced programmers who see the value of effective communication and judicious expectation setting, enabling us to carry out projects successfully.

Technologies We Primarily Rely Upon-

React Native







Grow your Business​

That's not all; we have much more to accelerate your business growth. Leverage the modernized and digital transformation with us with the latest tacts and hacks. Explore our other services and give your business a dominant position in the market.​

our process

In what ways do we deal with Cross-Platform App Development Company in Hyderabad

Discussing with Clients

Active listening is at the core of in-depth personal meetings and voice or video chats during which we communicate with our customers. This will help us in designing a good app that will meet your needs and expectations.

Planning and Conceptualization

We take time to create thoughtful and comprehensive wireframes aligning with the specific design standards that meet your business needs. Our plan is adhered to, and the engaging user experience is the basis for the separation that creates a distinct and memorable journey for your audience.

Designing and Development

The first step is to produce a user-friendly UI/UX and then gradually realize product prototypes or MVPs. This iterative process provides visualization interactions and refinements, resulting in the harmony of functionality and aesthetics for the designed digital solution.

Quality Assurance Testing

We verify that the website is user-responsive, undergoes quality testing, and rises above the competitors. Our commitment to giving users a smooth ride is proved through our thorough testing that is aimed at improving usability, responsiveness, and, ultimately, quality. We don't stop at industry standards; we go the extra mile to provide a superior user experience for your website.


We not only launch your website but also provide dedicated post-deployment services that guarantee flawless functionality. We not only deliver but also updates, bug fixes, and timely technical support for hic-free and smooth use that ensures long-term success and reliability. Trust us for consistent digital presence support.


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Most Popular Questions

Mariox Software in Hyderabad offers several advantages in cross-platform app development over other providers:

Expert Team – The Mariox Software company is well known for a team of highly qualified and passionate web developers and designers that specialize in client-customer focused and revenue-generating sites and mobile applications across multiple business areas.

Full-Stack Development – Mariox’s dedicated team builds intuitive mobile apps and websites to enhance customer retention and brand awareness, catering to companies of various sizes and specialities.

Innovative Solutions – Mariox Software aims to provide digital goods that increase user engagement, improve brand recognition, and catalyze business growth via a highly-creative development approach and by employing experts.

Personalized Services – At Mariox Software, we plan and carry out complex and noble hybrid app constructions for every client, with the ultimate purpose of fortifying and showing off their digital identity.

Client Oriented Approach – The software company, Mariox, places high regard on the client’s satisfaction and upholds transparency to leave a confidence-building effect and a remarkable outcome.

Business Strategy Consulting – Essential business strategy consultation services that will ensure that the website and other online marketing and promotion tools are aligned with the business goals.

Website Redesign Services – We perform website redesign to make your branding projects outstanding, improving speed, security, usability, SEO performance, and overall user experience.

At Mariox Software in Hyderabad, we adopt client-oriented and systematic strategies to produce cross-platform application projects that meet client satisfaction. First of all, they grasp the client’s business needs, goals, and objectives holistically. This allows them to shape the app development process to suit the client’s distinct requirements.


The next step is for Mariox Software to design a mockup for the app, graphically representing its functionality and features. The team subsequently chooses the most promising technologies, features, and designs in order to create a solid app that is easy to use. Development involves the creation of the core functionality, integration of all the features, and extensive testing for the bugs and performance problems before the release.


On launching, Mariox Software features continual support and maintenance to ensure hassle-free operation and timely updates. Data-driven approaches, transparency with clients, and attention to the client’s needs during the entire process not only allow effective development of cross-platform apps but also make these apps stand out positively.

Yes, Mariox Software offers post-launch support and maintenance for cross-platform apps developed for businesses in Hyderabad.

Yes, Mariox is capable of creating apps that work well on multiple devices and operating systems in Hyderabad. They are proficient in designing client-centric and revenue-oriented websites and mobile applications for several business domains.


Mariox Software’s full-stack development team builds intuitive mobile apps and websites that help companies increase customer retention and brand awareness. They use advanced technologies and features to ensure a robust and user-friendly product. Additionally, Mariox Software employs data-driven strategies to drive high leads and measurable results, ensuring the success of the cross-platform apps they develop.

Mariox Software in Hyderabad specialises in a range of technologies and frameworks that are used to build apps that run on different platforms. If they greatly do well in the languages above and cross-platform apps like React Native or Flutter, they will be able to deal with many client needs and tastes at the same time.

We deal with both native Android apps and hybrid apps, procuring great performance and convenience inter-platform. They have a successful portfolio of excellent apps in these industries – Healthcare, Finance, E-Commerce, Education, Entertainment, Travel, and Hospitality. Mariox Software is known for its four years of staff experience and successful development of both Android and iOS platforms mobile applications. It has found the key to producing customized and innovative solutions that satisfy all the diverse requirements of its clients.

In order to solve security issues, we at Mariox Software in Hyderabad develop multiplatform business apps with a highly uniform approach. They make security their number one priority through the application of the best practices and standards to protect confidential information and guarantee the app’s safety.

Through adopting strict security procedures, being on top of the security industry’s evolutionary trends, and putting strict emphasis on data protection, Mariox Software guarantees that the cross-platform apps it builds for businesses in Hyderabad are more capable of withstanding possible security pitfalls.

Customization choice is a distinctive feature of Mariox Software to develop cross-platform apps in Hyderabad that serve the specific needs of a business entity. They are mostly focused on the development of custom following the specifications of Android apps that deliver performance, efficiency, longevity, and reliability for each individual client.


With the help of Mariox Software, you can own a custom Android app that comes with all the new features that you need to succeed in the modern world of business. Their team of competent specialists does not just produce an app, but they also innovate (they stay with the times) to make sure that the apps they develop are fascinating, innovative, and attractive to many people.

The usual schedule for cross-platform app development projects could be different, depending on the specific needs and the scope of the project. Most of the time, the app development cycle is broken down into five phases – research, planning, prototype creation, development of the app and test, and product release. 

The success formula adopted by Mariox Software for carrying out mobile apps and web development projects is a breakthrough as it includes all the key factors like logical planning, impressive design, and cost-effective results. Through their unwavering commitment to a result-oriented development process that is also backed by local expertise, Mariox Software hopes to build apps that exceed the client’s expectations in terms of quality, usability, and speed.

Yes, Mariox Software assists with the deployment and distribution of cross-platform apps to app stores for businesses in Hyderabad. They have permanent staff who are experts in both mobile app development and web development. Hence, they concentrate on efficient planning, captivating designs, and cost-saving outcomes.

Mariox Software fosters security and confidence in cross-platform mobile apps from Hyderabad through thorough work. They pay special attention to security and adhere to the industry’s best practices and standards in order to protect your sensitive data and the integrity of the application. Our skillful programmers in Mariox Software are well-versed in making apps that are safe to use by inserting strong security functions, encryption protocols, and secure login procedures in them.

With years of experience, we have become one of the fastest-growing cross-platform application development companies in Hyderabad. Our expert team of developers delivers the best cross-platform applications that are high-performing, cost-effective, and user-friendly and help clients increase their revenue by 100%. Our development team delivers projects ontime by using advanced technologies and frameworks. Mariox Software made a difference by delivering customization cross-platform app development services. We have earned a reputation for providing top-notch cross-platform services in Hyderabad on a pocket-friendly budget. We become a trusted business partner by delivering every project without managing the quality of work.

Our development creates a single codebase that can help your cross-platform application run on several platforms, such as iOS and Android. Mariox Software’s team has an approach that allows them to design and create faster applications in a cost-effective way without hampering the quality of work. We are experts in delivering high-performance cross-platform applications that match the client’s requirements. Our team builds an app that will secure your business. With the help of these features, the client can easily secure their personal data, which will also prevent the app from being corrupted.

The benefit of choosing Mariox Software Pvt. Ltd. for cross-platform application development in Hyderabad over native is that it is cost-effective. Mariox Software allows code reuse across several platforms, which will reduce the amount of code that needs to be written and maintained. Our development team develops code faster by working on every single codebase that can manage and handle both iOS and Android. With this, you can save your time. Selecting Mariox for cross-platform app development in the Hyderabad process will result in quicker deployment and easier maintenance, which will help enhance overall efficiency. You will get to know many more benefits after taking cross-platform application development services from us.

Yes, an advantageous feature of Mariox Software is the capability to create apps that are cross-platform and custom-designed to fulfill the business demands of Hyderabad city. Their success is due to their commitment to customization, whereby they create cross-platform app development in Hyderabad that is tailor-made for different customers’ needs. They do everything to ensure the apps perform well, efficiently, long-lasting, and reliable. The wide range of case studies demonstrated by Mariox Software proves its flexibility in the healthcare, finance, e-commerce, education, entertainment, travel, and hospitality industries – all of which are important industry sectors meeting diverse business needs. The Mariox software responds to the specific needs of businesses in Hyderabad through its high-grade and customized features that are specially developed to ensure that it aligns with the innovation platform of businesses based in the city, making it a trustworthy choice for cross-platform app development.