Top Graphic Design Software for 2024, you need to know.

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Freelance Graphic Designers make up around 90% of the industry. The advancement of technologies and the arising of new talents led to the development of new applications and software. One such example is graphic design. Undoubtedly, we humans are very creative in designing, and many turn their hobby into a career path. If you, too, are a graphic designer or willing to start your career in designing, then this blog is for you. Here, we have compiled a list of some fabulous graphic design software that aid you in creating designs of excellent quality.

List of the Best Graphic Design Software for Creatives

Finding the perfect graphic design apps is quite a challenging task. To meet your industry standard or project requirement, you must look for the tools that turn your design to the next level and envisage flexibility. The following are our top picks for software for graphic design that you can opt for:

1. Adobe Creative Cloud– Elevate Your Creatives

It’s a comprehensive software tool for graphic design, video editing, web development, etc. Many professionals of reputed graphic design companies use it to meet their client’s needs and standards. Its cloud-based nature is its incredible feature that allows users to access their files from anywhere seamlessly. 

Key Features and Benefits 

  • Advance image editing 
  • Create vector graphics, logos and illustrations
  • Applicable for page layout design
  • Offer seamless integration 
  • It includes creative cloud libraries 

Popular Software Within Suite 

The following are the popular software in the Adobe Suite:

  • Photoshop: It’s a popular graphic design tool that meets the standards of industries in terms of image editing and manipulation. 
  • Illustrator: For professional designers, it is a  game changer as it creates vector graphics.
  • InDesign: A powerful tool for designing page layout and envisaging many features.

Adobe regularly updates its features; well, this is a subscription model graphic design app. You need to pay monthly or annual fees to use it.

2. Canva– User-Friendly Graphic Design Software

It’s an online graphic design tool mainly famous for its user-friendly interface, appealing templates and visual creation for social media graphics, posters, presentations and a lot more. It offers both free and subscription plans to its users. The web, mobile and desktop can use its free version too. However, if you are a professional providing graphic design services, go for its subscription plan. 

Key Features and Benefits

  • User-friendly interface
  • Provide Drag and Drop functionality.
  • Collection of numerous templates 
  • Option to customize the design, adjusting colours, fonts, layout etc. 

Free & Premium Plans 

  • Canva Free Plan for Graphic Design: Suitable for individuals and small businesses. It includes numerous free templates and features for basic graphic design requirements. 
  • Canva Pro for Graphic Design: Its premium plan, called Canva Pro, envisages additional features and elements. It is suitable for the professionals of graphic design companies, as it provides premium elements, advanced design tools, and a variety of other advanced features. 

3. Sketch– Empowering UI/UX Tool

Sketch is the best graphic design software, especially design for UI/UX designers. It caters for the needs of designers dealing with website designing, mobile app designing or user interfaces. It suits UI professionals for creating icons, prototypes, etc.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Focus on UI/UX design capabilities. 
  • Allow  vector editing 
  • Offer in-built prototyping features. 
  • Library of reusable elements, symbols and styles.


4. Figma– Powerful Graphic Design Tool

It is one of the best graphic design tools that transforms your imagination into digital reality. It has numerous features, but the most impressive one is its unlimited cloud storage that comes with a free version. It allows users to collaborate, prototype and create designs in real-time, thus making it a powerful tool for UI/UX design. 

Key Features and Benefits

  • Useful for small businesses or individuals.
  • It has a collection of creative tools to enhance your design.
  • It provides users with a third-party integration. 
  • Useful for prototyping such as overlays, videos and transitions.
  • Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS

5. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite

It’s a comprehensive graphic design app that offers a range of tools and features that professional designer demands. Through it, one can create stunning visuals, illustrations and layouts. It provides both the up-front pricing and subscription options to its users. 

Key Features and Benefits

  • Unlimited Storage 
  • Offers outstanding compatibility 
  • It has a powerful touch interface 
  • Comprises advanced illustration technology that is 3-D modelling and visualization. 
  • Offer a wide range of page layout and typography 
  • Platform: Windows, MacOS. 

6. Affinity Designer

It’s a powerful graphic design software known for its quality vector graphics editing. It enables users to create logos, icons, illustrations and other vector-based designs. If you are in search of budget-friendly graphic design tools, then you can opt for them. It offers 30 days of free trials. After that, you need to pay a minimal amount for a subscription. 

Key Features & Benefits  

  • Supports formats such as AL, EPS, SVG, PDF and PSD. 
  • Offers advanced typography tools 
  • It includes pixel persona mode, which is helpful for raster image editing. 
  • Time-saving tool 

7. Procreate– Best Designing App

It’s a complete art studio exclusively for iPad and Apple Pencil support. If you want to have hands-on experience in animation, then this graphic design tool is helpful for you. The tools provide you with an opportunity to work on 3-D and preview it in real-time in AR. 

Key Features & Benefits

  • It has 200 customizable brushes for editing
  • Useful for color management
  • It’s has one-time purchase features with no in-app purchase
  • It has an extensive tutorial library. 

Now, as you know, a few fabulous designing software; which one will you choose for your
graphic designing company? Choose the one that meets your client’s satisfaction and industry standard. Consider your goal, watch your budget, and decide wisely before choosing the premium plans. You can also take the help of experts offering superior graphic designing services from a reputed digital marketing company.


Frequently Ask Questions:-

1. What are the specific collaboration features offered by each software, and how do they enhance teamwork among designers?

Collaboration features in graphic design software typically include real-time editing, sharing options, and feedback tools, which are crucial for efficient teamwork and ensure that multiple designers can work simultaneously on a project without conflicts.

2. How does the cost of these graphic design tools compare, and what is the best option for freelancers or small studios on a budget?

For freelancers or small studios, cost is a significant factor, and the market offers a range of graphic design tools with various pricing plans. Some tools might offer a basic free version suitable for individual use, while others could provide more advanced features at a higher cost.

3. Are there any significant differences in file compatibility and export options among these tools that could affect a designer’s workflow?

Regarding file compatibility and export options, differences between software can significantly impact a designer’s workflow. Some tools might offer broader compatibility with various file formats, facilitating easier exchanges with clients and collaborators, while others may focus on proprietary formats that ensure optimal performance within a specific ecosystem.

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