What are the Motives for using Kotlin for Android App Development?

What are the motives for using Kotlin for Android app development

Are you looking for new programming languages to help you develop your Android app? Kotlin is the best option. Now, you might have wondered why Kotlin is the best option. To break your curiosity, read the following blog and understand why Kotlin is acquiring ample space in Android app development.

The recent surge in the demand for Kotlin programmers is evident in the fact that some leading apps have migrated from Java to Kotlin. It is becoming a better option for Java when it comes to programming mobile app development. 

Since Google adopted Kotlin as the base of Android app development, it is becoming more prevalent than Java. It holds some beneficial features that allow developers to create result-oriented Android solutions without depending on Java programming. 

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Introduction of Kotlin 

So, first, let us know who developed this useful language. The software development company is called JetBrains. They developed Kotlin, which is used as a statically typed programming language for JavaScript and Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Kotlin has now become the most popular language, which endless big brands like Uber, Pinterest, Trello, and Twitter now use. 

With the help of this language, you can freely access its source code without needing to buy a license or pay any extra fees. Also, this makes it simple for everyone to use and customize the language to suit their app requirements.

The best feature of Kotlin is it tries to solve several challenges developers face with older programming languages like Java. How? It is very simple to use and more powerful than Java. Also, Kotlin App Development Company has some eye-catching features to help start-ups become MNCs.  

7 Reasons Why Choosing Kotlin for Android App Development

Okay, Understanding how Kotlin has become the game-changer to most of the Android app development companies in Noida. Of course, there are many reasons, such as that it offers developers a powerful and versatile toolset to create outstanding apps that make them stand out alone in the crowd. 

To know the essential reasons, you should give your precious time to this blog, which will help you understand why Kotlin has become the preferred option for mobile app development companies. Have a look!


Its open-source status allows experts to access its source code without buying a license or paying fees. This will help users use and adapt the language as needed for their Android app needs.

A talented developer is always enhancing tools and libraries within the platform, providing outstanding support and making coding easier and more efficient than ever before. Also, this will help to make the language more robust and more stable with each release. 

Seamlessly Integrated with Android Studio

It is right to say that integrating Kotlin with Android Studio is easy and smooth. Several integrated development environments (IDEs) support Kotlin programming language, so skilled developers can take it up easily without doing any hard work. 

Additionally, an integrated Java-to-Kotlin converter allows developers to convert their existing Java projects into Kotlin quickly.

Kotlin is Multi-Platform

Do you know why Kotlin is known as a unique language that is used for Android, iOS, web, desktop, and embedded systems? You will get your answer. This programming language helps developers to build innovative applications for several platforms using less code. Also, it offers cross-platform support and provides various APIs for the customization of applications. 

This shows that you don’t have to learn different programming languages when developing an Android application for different platforms. 

Interoperability with Java

It is clear from the above information that Kotlin is a programming language that is used to develop applications. But it is also true that Kotlin works smoothly with Java, which is why most developers use both languages together in their projects. 

You can use Kotlin libraries in Java and vice versa, making it hassle-free to combine existing Java code with Kotlin. This interoperability helps a transition from Kotlin to Java and Java to Kotlin, introducing more programming language features over time in existing projects.

Additionally, using these languages in the same project doesn’t add extra costs, making it cost-effective for expert and skilled developers to build Android app development. 

Increased Code Brevity and Readability

The two essential features of Kotlin are code brevity and readability, which will help it build a name in the Android app development sector. The professional uses this code to make the app much faster and easier. 

Kotlin is Easy to Learn

Kotlin shares many Java concepts like functions, variables, and classes while adding some new ones for smoother coding. For instance, it offers type inference, so you don’t have to type data.

Also, Kotlin uses lambda expressions, enabling expert developers to write small and faster code. This will increase the speed of the programming process when compared to Java or other languages.


Why are most of the Android app development companies using Kotlin? It is a super-safe language that stops errors leading to security problems. Kotlin also ensures the prevention of memory leaks and other performance hiccups.

The Bottom Line 

Thanks to its many beneficial features, Kotlin is an excellent choice for Android App development services. It works well with Java and helps expert developers to build mobile applications easily. This language comes with lots of libraries and tools, making it fast to create robust apps.


Frequently Ask Questions:-

1. Can Kotlin be used for other types of development besides Android app development?

Kotlin is not limited to Android app development; it can be used for a wide range of development tasks, including server-side development, web development, and even native desktop application development. Its versatility and concise syntax make it a popular choice for various software projects beyond just mobile apps.

2. Are there any notable drawbacks or challenges associated with using Kotlin for Android app development?

While Kotlin offers numerous benefits for Android app development, such as improved code readability, reduced boilerplate code, and enhanced safety features, there are still some potential drawbacks or challenges. For example, since Kotlin is a relatively newer language compared to Java, there may be a learning curve for developers who are unfamiliar with its syntax and features. Additionally, integrating Kotlin into existing Java projects or libraries might require some effort, although Kotlin is designed to be fully interoperable with Java.

3. How does Kotlin compare to Java or Swift, other Android app development languages?

Kotlin is often compared to Java, the traditional language used for Android app development. While Java has been the primary language for Android development for many years, Kotlin offers several advantages over Java, such as null safety, extension functions, and improved syntax. However, the choice between Kotlin and Java ultimately depends on factors such as project requirements, team familiarity, and personal preference. Additionally, Kotlin is also compared to other programming languages used for mobile app development, such as Swift for iOS development. Each language has its own strengths and weaknesses, and the decision to use Kotlin for Android app development should be based on a thorough evaluation of these factors.

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